I have had many associations over 13.5 years with musicians at The Cellar. Very few have ever come into the club and ‘not’ gotten the vibe of what the place is Enter name here _________ Garrett, but I digress.

One such guy that ‘got’ it the second he walked in and an association that I’m very proud of is Joey Defrancesco.  I’m priviledged to call him my friend.  From the first second he walked into The Cellar to play with his trio I knew that we would be staying in touch…and stay in touch we did!!!  Not only did Joey D return to the club 3 more times but one of those times was to record my Many Deeds Of Cory Weeds album.  Those three nights will go down in history as some of the most fun nights of my life on a musical and personal level. It could only be topped by a road trip to Pittsburgh PA two and a half years ago to play with him, Byron Landhum and Joe Magnarelli which could be one of the best gigs of my life.

Im very excited to be hitting the stage with him one more time this weekend for three nights. He is a generous and gracious cat and man can he burn up the B3!



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