It’s hard to believe as I write this that this is the second Saturday that there has been NO Cellar.  It’s still weird but in case anyone is wondering I have really enjoyed not having the constant stress of the everyday jazz club on my mind. I have already enjoyed more night in row with my family than I have in years and am feeling somewhat more relaxed about everything. Having said that, I’m not sure it has really sunk in yet and I’m sure there will be moments of despair and sadness and loss but then again maybe not.

What’s been happening?  Well, most of you probably heard that the morning of the 27th, the first day of the big shut down was started with me falling off a stool and fracturing my elbow.  It made the pack down very stressful and much longer than it needed to be but so many people came to help: Jenny Larisey, Joy Mullen, Kevin Mooney, Julian MacDonough, Guy MacPherson, Dave Ronald, Chris Wong, Steve and Jodi Kaldestad, Joe Poole and maybe a few more.  Thank you so much!!!

It has been time of resting and reflection but not standing still by any stretch.  I have officially incorporated the Cellar Jazz SocietycellarJazzSociety.  I have a board of 7 people who are wonderful and that I’m excited to be working with.  We will be running our April Pyatt Hall Series through the society and we’ll be doing 6 concerts at Pyatt Hall for Jazz Festival followed by another series of concerts for the fall which I’m very excited about.

Also our first gig at 1789 went really well with Steve Kaldestad sitting in for me due to the broken arm.  I have high hopes for this place.  It was so great to see Lisa Bustin working there and all the Cellar regulars who came out in force!  It was a tad weird but I got over it.  1789 has committed to doing a run of Jazz Fest gigs as well which I am booking and if we can keep the attendance decent there is no reason why 1789 won’t continue. They even put little signs on the table asking people to be quiet during the show!

So things are moving along slowly but surely!


One thought on “LONG TIME NO POST

  1. Very sorry about the elbow Cory. I said you would hit the ground running but didn’t mean it quite so literally!


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