Day 0

Well the your hasn’t even stated yet and I feel like if I went to the airport and flew home right now I’d be completely fulfilled.

After an over night flight we arrived at the hotel at around 9:00 AM and promptly went to sleep. After waking up we walked up to Roberto’s Woodwind shop to geek out on some saxophone stuff before heading back to relax for a minute and heading to my favorite place in NYC: SMOKE!

David Hazeltine, Eric Alexander, Nat Reeves and Joe Farnsworth played a wonderful set and as is always the case when I visit Smoke was treated like a king! A surprise appearance by Lord Mabern was cool! After Smoke we met up with Ian Hendrickson-Smith at the hotel for a wee shit of Bourbon. Then it was off to The Measure for some piano trio led by Italian pianist Antonio Ciacca. He has become a ‘virtual’ friend via Facebook and it was nice to finally meet him. The Measure is a high end lounge where no one listens but is still a cool hang.

After that it was off to Smalls and my man Spike Wilner! Was a good show by Seamus Blake and Chris Cheek!

This is all on the 1st day!!



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