Another incredible day in NYC. My dad and I headed way up town to The Bronx to visit friend and bassist John Webber. We were up there to pick up a guitar for my pops so he could practice. John is a great guy and a killing bassist and guitarist. He made us an amazing breakfast: eggs, grits, plantaines and sausage. Unreal!


Only one activity was planned today and that was the always eventful and the tour highlight every year, The American Legion in Harlem. Once again it was awesome. If you tried to explain the event to someone, they likely wouldn’t come but once in there soaking up what is the most incredible atmosphere on the planet it is wonderful. I can’t describe it in words. Those of you reading my blog who have been lucky enough to have been there before know exactly what I’m talking about. Tour participants Gerry Bouey sat in and played some killing trumpet and Steve Kaldestad played and as usual burned the house down.

About half the crew left at 830 and some went home and some followed me to The Measure to hear pianist Antonia Ciacca, bassist Paul Gill and drummer Aaron Kimmel (you’re gonna be hearing more from this guy)…so young and so good. Paul is heavy as well, as is Antonio. Very swinging. They were joined by my favorite, Peter Bernstein on guitar. They sounded phenomenal. Steve sat in again and absolutely KILLED it on Just In Time. Im glad I wasn’t up there for that one. I would’ve folded like a cheap tent!

A good day all around and we’re well into things!


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