The first weekend at Pyatt Hall was absolutely phenonemal and a smashing success on all levels!  Jill and her band performed magnificently, the hall was sold out and the sound of the room was wonderful!

A few cool things upcoming this week:

This Tuesday at Seventeen89 I’m with the Craig Scott Quintet. I really like this band. The quintet’s first CD is about to come out.  The gig (and CD) features Joe Poole on drums, Russ Botten on bass, Tony Foster on keys, myself on tenor sax and Craig Scott on vibes.  8:00 start time.

Thursday, April 10 I’m at Ten Ten Tapas with guitarist Oliver Gannon. I don’t think the regular Wednesday thing will be happening but they will be doing some one off’s with me on Thursdays. Its always great to play with Olly!

Then I have the extreme pleasure of guesting with R.I.O. at Pyatt Hall on Friday and Saturday.

There are plenty of tickets left.  Please visit www.cellarjazz.com

for tickets or here are some more direct links:  FRIDAY NIGHT click here  and SATURDAY NIGHT click here.

We have made 20 student tickets available per night as well. $10 each and are available at the door!

Hope to see you out and about!












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