This is hilarious.  This was a dialogue with someone interested in hiring a band that I was a part of. When it came to the point that we realized the dates weren’t going to work I presented him with some other options for groups.  I did not immediately pitch my quartet but I pitched bands that I was a part of that may have more of an accessible vibe because I got the feeling that was important to him. Upon THOSE ideas not working out I then pitched my band to him.  Here is the response with the awesomeness in bold.

When I hired ——– and ——– I wanted them to include a trumpet lead. I believe that a tenor saxophone is not a lead instrument but a complimentary one. To have a tenor saxophone with a rhythm section does not appeal to me, no matter who the player is. Even if it was Coleman Hawkins and a rhythm section I wouldn`t attend. That`s my preference coming out.
I`m hiring ——— Quintet plus adding ———-, then ———- quartet plus ———, ———–quartet plus ——– on trumpet and fiddle. Complete bands in my opinion.

Ah the joys of this business!!


5 thoughts on “BOOKING MADNESS

  1. He would have turned down Trane’s quartet too and asked John to add a trumpet or perhaps a fiddle. Nice to have sensitive musical people out there wanting to hire Jazz bands.

    • I’d want to ask him what constitutes a “lead”, vs. a “complimentary” instrument, and what makes a “complete” band (as compared to “incomplete”?) ? For that matter, why did he even want a “jazz band” at all? With so many preconceptions, how does he handle all that improvisation? It makes you wonder what’s actually being received in all those heads sitting out there, supposedly listening.

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